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The Good Prayer

Lord, our God, our kind Heavenly Father, Who has given us life and health to rejoice in You, we pray to You, send us Your Spirit to guard and protect us from every evil and cunning thought.

Teach us to do Your Will, to sanctify Your Name and to glorify You always.

Illuminate our spirit, enlighten our hearts and our mind, that we may keep Your commandments and precepts.

Inspire in us with Your Presence, Your pure thoughts, and guide us to serve You with joy.

Our life, which we dedicate to You for the good of our brothers and neighbors, bless You Lord.
Help us and support us to grow in every knowledge and wisdom, to learn from Your Word and to abide in Your Truth.

Lead us in everything we think and do in Your Name, to be for the victorious-success of Your Kingdom on Earth.

Feed our souls with Your Heavenly bread, and strengthen us with Your Power, so that we may succeed in our life.

As You give us all Your blessings, so add unto us Your Love, to be our eternal law.

For to You belongs the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever.



Given by Beinsa Douno
/Peter Deunov/

The Good Prayer by Beinsa Douno video

Love Wisdom Truth by Beinsa Douno video

For those who want to learn more about God, Love, Wisdom and Truth, I have selected some thoughts by Beinsa Douno/Peter Deunov
Enjoy your reading.
D. Stoytchev

There is One Who manifests Himself as Love, as Wisdom and as Truth.
They call Him God, Lord, Father.

Light and Reason - these are His manifestations.

The Great Unknown reveals Himself as Light without shadows, as Life without interruption, as Love without change.

There is only one Being in the world Who is absolutely good in the true and full meaning of the word and that is God. He is always kind.

Man must know that there is only One God and one Love, one Wisdom and one Knowledge, one Truth and one Freedom and one source of good for all.

What is God?
God is Love, which you must experience within yourself.

Where there is meaning, God is there. Where there is no meaning, God is absent.
And where God is absent, there is "hell".

No being is nearer to you than God.
No being has a more awakened mind, a more responsive heart, a mightier will. For Him, nothing is impossible. No being is nobler, holier, purer, wiser, mightier, and more powerful than God. He is everywhere. He is in heaven - in all the suns, and on earth, behind everything: behind air and water, behind stones and plants, behind animals and man.
There is nothing in the world which God does not sustain.

The only beloved of the human soul is God.

The greatest moment of a man's life is when he comes to love God.

You may doubt everything, but in God never! Know that He is everywhere, and when you call on Him, He will help you.

When is man good? At the moment when God manifests Himself in man, he is good. When God is not manifested (in man), man is evil.

Do not ask yourself weather God loves you - He has not stopped loving you from the first day to the last - but ask instead weather you love God.

Rich man is only who has a rich soul, a rich mind, a rich heart and a strong will. Only a man who serves God is in the full sense of the word rich.

Strong man is only the man of love, the man of truth.

He is strong who turns his enemies into friends. For this reason he never defends himself. He does not fight for his rights.
Only the weak man fights for his rights.

Man's most precious possession is his character.

Character, in the deepest sense of the word, is everything wise that the human spirit has inscribed and deeply engraved upon the human soul.
Character is a combination of virtues.

Man, within himself, by his birth, and by his nature is something great.

Earthly man, after completing his development on earth, will not go to heaven. He will travel from system to system in the physical universe until he develops to his fullness.

Remember: the first quality of the true/real man is love. Love is the Divine in man. Without Love man reverts to an animal. Without love he is subject only to sin and crime.

He who has not come to love God is not yet a true man. He does not yet have the image and likeness of God.

He who wishes to be worthy of the name "man" must be absolutely honest, absolutely good, absolutely intelligent and wise, absolutely noble.

Only the man who can rejoice in the prosperity of others as he does in his own is honest and noble.

Man cannot be absolutely intelligent if he is not absolutely moral.

Only the virtuous man can be wise.

The greatest quality that a man can possess is humility. It (humility) is not a weakness.

You ask why you have come to earth.
To manifest Divine Love.
To manifest Divine Wisdom.
To manifest Divine Truth.
To manifest Divine Righteousness.
To manifest Divine Virtue.

Evil promises and gives nothing. Good promises nothing, but gives much. Is it necessary for the spring to promise that it will flow? It simply flows.

Life comes through Love, light comes through Wisdom, and freedom comes through Truth. If anyone wishes to do good, he must be in connection with these three Divine worlds.

To do good is a sacred act because in this way you cause God to manifest Himself through you in His Goodness, in His Love, in His Wisdom.

There is no greater act than this to do good.

To do good means to call upon God to act through you.

Good is the first real bond between the souls of all people on earth or in heaven.

Do not think that when you do good, this will deprive you of something. On the contrary it will elevate you.

To be perfect you must be strong in the good.

Good is a way to find Divine Love.


If man desires to be free, he must have only one link - with God - and with all other beings he must have only relations.
The only being who is free is God. And the only being who can fully set a man free is God.

Only the man who lives in that real unchangeable world in which God lives, only the man who understands His laws and serves Him in spirit and Truth - only he is free and only he has free will.

Freedom implies movement in only one direction - Truth.

Truth is the direction in which all things in Creation move.
Thus, man can always be free, but only in Truth.

Our freedom depends on the extend to which we are in touch with Truth.

Our limitations and obstacles and contradictions indicate that we are not in touch with Truth.

In Truth, according to the experience of the free man, all contradictions cease.

If any contradictions appear, however slight, we are outside the domain of Truth.

True freedom is the freedom of spirit. It comes from within.

Everything by which man loses his freedom s evil.
Everything by which man attains his freedom is good.
Implant Truth in your soul and you will acquire the freedom you seek.

When Love is manifested, life is born.
And when life is manifested, light appears.

Love is that without which no life can exist.
Wisdom is that without which no movement can exist.
Truth is that without which no limit exists.
Love is the beginning of life.
Truth is the end of life.

Wisdom cannot act if there is no beginning and no end. Between these, Wisdom acts - in the space between the beginning and the end which fills all eternity without ever filling it fully. (completely)

Wisdom says:
Love is the beginning of all creation.
Truth is the ultimate limit of creation, its highest goal.
Beyond Truth there is nothing. It is not possible to go beyond Truth.

Truth is the fruit of the entire life. It includes that in which God reveals Himself.

What is Christ? Christ is a collective spirit. He is the totality of all Sons of God from whose souls and hearts flow love and life. All Sons of God united into one, all intelligent souls who live in divine oneness - that is Christ. In this sense He is the head of the Great White (Universal) Brotherhood.

Only suffering can ennoble and correct (rectify) humanity.

If you wish to be strong, serve God. Through serving God, man acquires strength in life. This is the only way in which you can become a truly strong man in life.